Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Prospecting and Exploration Services

Central Consolidated Resources Inc (CCR)is owned and managed by experienced and licensed mineral prospectors. CCR is headquartered in Selkirk Manitoba,30 minutes north of Winnipeg. From our headquarters CCR can cost effectively mobilize field crews, equipment and camps, throughout Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Company also maintains an office and a full complement of equipment in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Management of CCR are hands on operators with over 20 years prospecting experience. The company can mobilize a crew of 3 – 15 experienced exploration personnel to any job site generally within short notice, or larger crews with longer lead times. The company can assemble a crew of prospectors, claim stakers, geologists, geophysical survey technicians, line cutters, equipment operators, cooks and camp personal along with other related workers as needed. CCR has developed working relationships with other exploration companies and professionals to ensure that experienced personal are available to get the job done.

CCR and contracted associates have managed grass roots exploration projects, acquired properties, developed exploration plans, compiled research and technical reports and conducted numerous types of surveys on behalf of clients.

Physically staking mineral claims on the ground is one of our specialties. Our teams have experience running large and small staking projects in remote areas during all seasons and we have a high level of experience conducting such work in winter under adverse conditions. During the last 4 years we have staked over 500 claims covering over 120,000 hectares of new ground complete with posted and blazed boundaries.

Line cutting and/or GPS based grid development is another area in which we have considerable experience. Our crews have successfully completed jobs in all types of terrain under various conditions.

Prospecting, stripping, channel sampling, mapping, soil sampling, ground MAG/EM/IP surveys, camp setup are other services that we can provide.

Central Consolidated Resources Inc.
1161 Strathnaver Avenue,
Selkirk, Manitoba, R1A 4G4
Att: Gerald Massey
Phone: 204-785-9995
Cell: 204-785-0331
Email: atlantol@yahoo.com

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